We empower communities to become more productive, efficient, and unified across boundaries

At Collective Nexus, we address three key components for building a healthy and thriving community: connecting, learning, and creating.

Below are products we’ve built that address these components with targeted¬† experiences. Each application is crafted with love and care to be easy-to-use, fun to engage with, and effective in helping you achieve your community’s goals.


Creating connections is the foundation of community. Personal connections are what guide, sustain, and support members as they discover their own unique path to engaging with your organization.

We believe these critical connections can be nurtured by providing thoughtful and guided onboarding along with meaningful mentoring relationships. Explore our tools for building connections below.


The world is changing very fast, and new information and new ways of working are transforming community life. Organizations that want to evolve and master these changes must develop a rich culture of learning.

Collective learning can take many forms including book clubs, sharing insights and experience through questions, and engaging in productive consultations. Explore our collective learning tools below.


The ultimate measure of success for your community is what you create together. The act of creation is empowered by effectively tapping capacities, building awareness systematically, and developing new solutions using best practices. Explore our tools for empowering creative endeavors below.