You are on your way to increasing engagement!

Onboarding - where the heart of engagement begins

  • Success in onboarding is more than just completing forms and ensuring compliance. It’s about integrating people with respect, openness, and a sincere interest in helping people find value.
  • People come in to your organization with unique interests, experiences, and questions. They come from different places and they have different needs. You need different paths to help them find their place so everyone succeeds.

Organizations that learn together stay together

  • No one has all the answers. Reading together helps us stay humble, open-minded, and inquisitive. BookClubFever helps people connect with each other in ways they never would have on their own. 
  • It’s not enough to read books if we aren’t putting their ideas into practice. BookClubFever provides a platform for thinking about the implications of these books for our work, our communities, and our lives helps us translate great ideas into reality.