Collective Nexus creates tools to empower communities to become more productive, efficient, and unified across all boundaries.

Our Values

We’re big believers in having strong core values that guide and inspire an organization to success. This is what we have so far… Let us know what you think.

  • More engaged communities deliver better results. We believe that fostering a fully connected, continuously learning, and creatively empowered community is the answer to most of your organization’s problems.
  • The world needs more good people doing good things together. We choose to make it our job to empower communities of people to achieve their missions, no matter if they are working in organizations, nonprofits, companies, or any other association.
  • Humans need real autonomy, mastery, and purpose to reach their potential. People need intrinsic motivation in order to truly take ownership for seeing any challenging solution through to the end. We empower teams with the decision-making space they need to evaluate options fairly, incorporate feedback without bias, and learn lessons necessary to discover success.
  • We are smarter together. We believe in harnessing the process of collective wisdom through continuous, open, and focused consultation. We believe in the magical powers of transparency, humility, and accountability.
  • The mountain is high, the journey is long. We are vision-driven. We willingly embark on the long and challenging paths that make real change happen.  To get there we are committed to measuring every step, celebrating every victory, learning from every mistake, and making corrections to the course whenever needed.
  • The world moves fast, so must we. We know that we’re only here for a little while. We accept that what worked today may not work tomorrow. We expect to adapt. So we work hard to constantly question, challenge, and reinvent what we do.
  • Integrity will be tested. We recognize that it is not enough to say we will act with integrity. We hunger for opportunities to practice our values, to treat others better than we treat ourselves, and to leave the world a better place than we found it.




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